// Sending daily digest emails from Wunderlist

For some time, I am using Wunderlist as my to-do task manager (yup, I am surfing on GTD wave now). In some aspects, it is superior to its biggest competitor, Todoist (at least it has notifications for free and cleaner design). One feature I am missing the most is some kind of automatic daily digest sent to my email address every morning (and evening).

Fortunately, they have published their API some time ago. This allows 3rd party application to access and manage the whole content of user's profile.

I wrote simple script which grabs all unfinished tasks via API and sends an email with daily overview. I call it Wudd. I do not offer it as a service (yet?) so everyone has to deploy it on their own machine (See README file).

Main features:

  • 3 sections: Today tasks, unsorted (inbox) tasks without a date, tasks to be finished in 7 days. Generic definition structure allows to add another sections easily.
  • Both HTML and plaintext version for people who remember 90's.
  • Quick summary in subject.
  • Currently it uses Czech locale but it's easy to modify it (few strings only). I18n not supported yet.
  • Sends email via local SMTP (authorization & SSL support not supported yet).

Visit my Bitbucket repo to download Wudd. Also, you can post issues there. Enjoy!

// My first DokuWiki plugin

Few months ago I completely updated my website. I chose DokuWiki as a very flexible engine extendable with lots of plugins.

I also used Blog plugin and more to make my personal blog. But I missed one feature. This was metadata footer at blogpost page, similar to the one printed by Include plugin at blog page. Yes, DokuWiki prints footer, but when Discussion plugin is used, it is printed far far below the comments.

So I made simple plugin which inserts this information right before the text and comments. As an example, see information down this page. I had to make some hack of event handler internals to make my plugin to be the first listener of TPL_ACT_RENDER_AFTER event, just before Discussion plugin. As an effect, meta footer is printed before comments. You can download it on my DokuWiki goodies page.

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