Due to lack of free time (or free time dedicated to programming), there is enough time for tiny projects only. Some of them are presented in upcoming section. At the bottom, there is a section of already inactive school projects (high school and university). Many of them are in Czech language and won't be translated anymore.

My current work is available in my GitHub profile.


  • Flus - Console client for photo upload and synchronization to Flickr service. (Python).
  • Wudd - Skript for sending daily digest of incomplete tasks from Wunderlist service (Python).
  • Chat Delivery for Prosody - Re-sends aggregated XMPP conversations from Prosody to user's email, like GTalk used to do (Python).
  • Arduino CLI - Simple text protocol for method invocation on serial–connected Arduino (C++).


Sorted chronologically, newest first. Many of them are in Czech and won't be translated anymore.

2007 - 2009

2004 - 2007

  • Problém osmi dam [CS] - Eight queens chess problem solving using backtrack search (Java SE).
  • StringCalc [CS] - String calc. Evaluates each row of stdin as an algebraic expression (C++).

2000 - 2002

  • Závodníci [CS] - Simple school work, computes competition results based on given points (Turbo Pascal).
  • Kartotéka [CS] - Contact database (Turbo Pascal).
  • Had [CS] - Simple game, well known from cellphones (Turbo Pascal).
  • X-pad [CS] - Text editor with some features for writing HTML (Delphi).
  • ExeBar [CS] - Floating bar for application launching (Delphi).
About me
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