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PhotoBase is a simple web-based photo gallery, written in PHP and using MySQL database. It's not aimed to compete with many complex solutions. It's designed to fit my needs. Due to its simplicity the performance requirements are not high.


  • Categories, galleries owned by users, comments,
  • Reads some EXIF tags.
  • Creates thumbnails on-demand, using cache.
  • XHTML & CSS - easy skinning using CSS.
  • User rights:
    • Basic user - viewing and commenting.
    • Owner - plus creating galleries and moderating discussion in its own galleries.
    • Moderator - plus moderating all discussion.
    • Administrator - plus managing whole site.
  • Low performance requests.
  • Mass upload via FTP (1.0+)
  • Localization system (1.0+)
  • License: GNU GPL v.3


  • Mass upload with better method (Java applet??).
  • Access lists.
  • Skins.


See _readme.en.txt file included.

  • PhotoBase v. 1.0.1 - 09/14/2008, recent version.
    • FIX: ftpupload.php - uploaded files weren't sorted by name on unix systems.
  • PhotoBase v. 1.0 - 09/01/2008.
    • Localization support.
    • Mass upload via FTP.
  • Older version available in Czech only.


See Demo on this site.

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