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// Replacement ear-pads for Bluetooth Creative Sound Blaster JAM headset

Creative Sound Blaster JAM is a very price-friendly Bluetooth headset for home use. I use it for occasional TV watching on PC without interfering the others, and sometimes with my cellphone (the headset has a NFC tag for quick pairing) for music listening e.g. during cooking.

Most of the time it hangs on the back of the display pivot. I turn the display around a lot so it eventually damaged the ear-pads pretty fast which literally teared apart.

The manufacturer says there are no spare parts, but provides very detailed information about headset speaker dimensions. So the most difficult part is to list the offers at AliExpress, filter out bad product descriptions, and wait a month for the result. If you want to skip the search part, I can recommend this item. Ear-pads are bit loose than the original but still hold tight enough. The material is quite thinner and there is a “seam” present, but 5 pairs for less than USD is a good price.

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